White Glove Cleaning Services in NYC

We are a New York-based cleaning company that goes far beyond just a regular and ordinary cleaning company. We focus on you, the client in details and with the outmost attention to your needs and preferences. We pride ourselves in our services and look to retain happy and return costumers for life. Our long-term costumers will vouch for us and our work speaks for itself. We truly stand behind our clients and cater to their needs as we would expect them to cater to us and the same we would cater to our families as we believe in our long-term customer as extended family. We are here for you and to make your hectic life that much simpler. The little things and attention to details that we provide will shine above the rest.

Additional Services

  • Inside of fridge
  • Inside the cabinets
  • One Hour of Organizing
  • Windows Inside
  • Dishes
  • Inside of oven
  • Inside of closets
  • Laundry
  • Clean Interior Walls

Discounts for Recurring Clientele

Looking to setup a regular cleaning? We offer huge savings to loyal customers (applies to second cleaning onward).

20% OFF

Weekly clients

15% OFF

Bi-weekly clients

10% OFF

Monthly clients

Check how we have cleaned some surfaces for our clients:



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Best Cleaning Service Company in NYC – White Glove Cleaner New York

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White Glove Cleaner New York – Cleaning Services Offered

Why White Glove Cleaner New York is the Best Trusted Cleaning Company in NYC?

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Responsibilities that White Glove Cleaner New York Can Do for a Customer

What Type of Help Can a White Glove Cleaner New York Offer?

Local New York Favorites

A big city dictates to us tough schedules and intense working agenda, which makes keeping our houses perfectly clean a daunting task. New Yorkers who want more out of life, but don’t want to compromise on their home or office comfort trust White Glove Cleaner in their one-shot or regular cleaning needs. 

What is White Glove Cleaner New York 

Who we are 

We are an upscale Manhattan-based organizational and cleaning company providing cleaning services in NYC for homes and offices catering to the needs of citizens with busy lifestyles and high standards of living.

New Yorkers are constantly asking: “Where in new york do you provide cleaning services?”

We are operating in the following New York City areas most frequently, though we are open to meeting requests from other areas as well:

  • 10029
  • 10128
  • 10028
  • 10075
  • 10021
  • 10065
  • 10003
  • 10014
  • 10012
  • 10013
  • 10007
  • 10003

What we do 

We go far beyond standard house cleaning services switching our focus over to you, our client in detail, your unique needs and preferences. 

We see our mission in helping busy homeowners find reliable and trusted cleaning experts at affordable rates to enjoy a fuller, more eventful life free of everyday cleaning chores. 

We take pride in our know-how acquired in years of devoted work, fully vetted and background-checked cleaners of a high caliber, and easy-to-book appointments that made White Glove Cleaner a go-to cleaning service provider among homeowners who value their time and freedom.     

Why we do it  

At White Glove Cleaner, we believe that clean homes are vital to active and fulfilling lives.

We also believe scheduling a cleaning appointment mustn’t be a pain. For this reason, we have streamlined our online booking system to ensure our clients get fast and reliable access to top-notch cleaning services that make their life in a big city more organized and full. 

Our goal is to make commercial and home cleaning services in Manhattan affordable, impeccable, and a-breeze-to-book experience accessible to all categories of people. 

More About White Glove Cleaner New York

Meet Khrystyna 

White Glove Cleaner started from efforts of one part-time cleaner, Khrystyna, who dreamed about making this city a cozy place. She realized early on in her career that success in this business comes from continuous improvement and deep communication with a client. Customers who loved her work started to recommend her services to their friends. People called her directly to book one-time cleaning and stayed for life. Khrystyna’s dedication motivated other cleaners to join her, and soon they grew into a full-fledged cleaning company that nurtures the world-class cleanliness standards and premium customer service. 

Cleaning is our passion

We love cleaning like some people love coffee or cats. We really dig the process, and we are proud of the results. We hone new techniques and try cleaning products to always stay on top of the cleaning craft. We learn in order to be up for every cleaning challenge a dirty home can throw at us.    

Our objective is to take office and house cleaning in NYC to the next level where trusting relationships between a cleaner and a client meet a personalized touch to every nook and cranny for “not just clean but spotless” experience. 

At White Glove Cleaner, we treat out long-term clients as extended family and do our utmost to win satisfied return clients for life. 

Cleaning Services in New York

  •         World-class cleaning standards
  •         Background-checked cleaners
  •         Various types of cleaning and schedules
  •         Discounts for frequent clients
  •         Insurance against damages
  •         Flat prices
  •         Easy online booking
  •         Proven cleaning supplies included
  •         100% perfect clean guarantee

White Glove Cleaner New York Services Offered

Regular cleaning 

Regular cleaning service in Manhattan  is super-handy for households with busy lifestyles who want to come back to a perfectly clean home without spending hours scrubbing and dusting. Our qualified maid will take over your weekly cleaning chores and take care of maintaining your bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and common room in a permanently squeaky clean condition. We will let you know the flat price as well as the estimated time required for cleaning on the booking page so that you can fully control your time and expenses.    

Deep cleaning 

A thorough cleaning involves total disinfection of all washable surfaces including carpets and cushioned furniture, mold removal, and washing items that usually get overlooked during regular cleaning like, for example, behind wall units, blinds or inside an oven. We use proven and safe antiseptic cleaning supplies to keep your house members healthy. The deep cleaning is recommended to make your regular cleaning easier or if you didn’t get your home cleaned professionally for a long period of time.

Green eco cleaning 

Whether you have health issues that don’t allow using standard chemical cleansers or you promote a green conscious lifestyle, we are ready to support you on this way and offer effective though non-toxic eco cleaning with the use of absolutely safe, natural, and biodegradable agents to help you and your family members stay safe and sound. We can use your preferred products for house cleaning you leave for us as well. 

Move in and move out cleaning 

A clean home left behind means getting a security deposit back from the landlord and his good recommendations. A clean home waiting for you ahead means a fresh start in a new place. Both benefits are possible with our thorough top-to-bottom move-in and move-out cleaning service in Manhattan aimed at removing all old groom and giving a property a “like new” look. All you need to do is to let us in or leave us entry instructions, and we’ll take care of your property being new-tenant-friendly.      

Commercial cleaning 

Clean and neat offices not only improve productivity and work ethic of its workers, but also help your business streamline its working processes, make a favorable impression on your partners, and maintain a perfect brand image. Our commercial cleaning service in NYC will help you maintain your work areas – common or private – immaculately fresh and clean, beyond reproach. 

Why White Glove Cleaner New York?

Most people confess they hate cleaning. Not that they don’t like living in a tidy home, but the evanescent nature of the results make them suffer from a bitter sense of their ephemerality. Drama aside. Someone must do your cleaning. And it’s way better to delegate it to a cleaning guru who sees a sense in it and even has attained true cognition of the process.

If you are among those people who would rather do something else or you are tired of the endless battle with your house’s dirty habits, let us mind your cleaning for you. Book us online and enjoy your freedom to do what you really love instead.

Cleaning excellence

At White Glove Cleaner, we love cleaning and really know a thing or two about how a squeaky clean house must look like. Most of our clients are return customers who value us for the utmost professionalism, personalized attitude, constant improvement, and availability.

Proven eco supplies and techniques

We bring and use only proven cleaning products that don’t damage surfaces or leave unpleasant residues. Throughout their cleaning careers, our cleaning experts have dealt with millions of dirty challenges and always know how every kind of stain can be removed. We provide superior cleaning results that never upset.

One-off, weekly, or bi-weekly visits

After trying our services once, our clients no longer want to deal with cleaning on their own. Top-notch cleaning quality we provide spoils. Try us out and decide which schedule works for you best. What is more, we give our regular clients a 15% discount for weekly cleanings and 10% off for bi-weekly ones.  

Vetted and background-checked cleaners 

If you are looking for maid services in New York, you’ll agree with us it must be a reliable person who doesn’t have any reprehensible things in her background. You don’t want to let the first passer-by in and admit her to a quite intimate part of your life. We understand the responsibility and high privacy bar that is in front of us. For this reason, we thoroughly vet and background-check our maids to make sure you have not just a clean house, but also total peace of mind. 

Same cleaner for every visit 

Cleaning is a matter of personal taste. Households love to have the same maid every time because a person who has already learned your preferences and knows your home as her own always cleans faster and delivers results beyond reproach.  

Insurance against damage 

In the unlikely case our cleaners cause any damage to your property while cleaning, our insurance will get you covered. We say “unlikely” because we are sure about the expertise of our cleaners and the world-class products they use.     

Book, manage and pay online 

Scheduling a cleaning appointment on our website is a breeze and takes only 60 seconds. We have streamlined the booking process to help you get help on time right when you need it. Just leave us your instructions when booking and we’ll mind everything else.   

Perfect clean guarantee 

In the unlikely case you are not satisfied with the cleaning results our staffers provide, we are more than happy to re-clean your property according to your remarks if you report the issue the same day. Perfect Clean Guarantee means your standards come first, not ours. 

Why Should I hire White Glove Cleaner New York?

Many people prefer to stay old-timey when it comes to hiring a professional cleaner. They have been doing their cleaning on their own for years. Their parents also did it on their own. And they see no reason to change this paradigm any time soon. They need more arguments in favor of professional home cleaning in NY. And here they come:


An apartment with one bedroom and one bathroom takes a few hours to clean. A larger apartment will take half a day (if lucky) or the whole day of your life. Depending on how often you take a bucket and a mop, cleaning can take approximately one-seventh of your adult life you were supposed to spend working, raising kids, learning new exciting things, and simply enjoying life. Hiring a professional cleaner in NYC frees up lots of time you can use to become professional in something else.


Movement is life. However, not every kind of movement is a pleasure. Cleaning a house can be pretty exhausting as it requires spending lots of time bent or moving heavy objects. Besides, there is a category of people who can’t tackle even the simplest cleaning tasks, for example, older, disabled or sick people. Hiring professional maid services in Big Apple becomes the only reasonable option for people who put their health first.

Better cleaning

Our skilled cleaners are up to date on the latest cleaning hacks and products. If you have heard about it, we have already tried it out. We know what works and what doesn’t. That’s why we are able to come up with a faultless solution in every dirty situation and provide superb cleaning results for a shorter period of time.    

Cost efficiency

There is a popular belief that professional cleaning is an expensive treat. The reality is far from that as handling cleaning on your own will requires buying cleaning products and equipment, which are a pretty costly investment. At White Glove Cleaner, we buy cleaning supplies at a lower cost and provide everything necessary to make your abode shine like new. Plus, experience and know-how of our professional cleaners allow them to work fast and faultlessly, which lowers the cost of the job.


When standard cleaning routine done on your own ties you to your home, regular cleaning service provided by White Glove Cleaner in Big Apple actually makes you more independent as it’s us who adjust to your needs, not the opposite. You just set a cleaning schedule, agree on a list of responsibilities with the chosen maid, and then we will take care of your home without your surveillance. You can have peace of mind that your belongings are safe because we thoroughly vet and background-check every cleaner before they join our team.

Higher property value

Whether or not you are going to sell your property any time soon, knowing that your house is in high demand on the market is a relief, isn’t it? Tidy houses that have been professionally cleaned for years maintain their glow and attract wealthier buyers. And the opposite – cluttered apartments with strange odors accompanied by mold and thick layers of dirt magically repel customers, even those on a budget. Regular professional cleaning helps make your property shine like a diamond and always stay desired on the market. Same goes to commercial cleaning. A clean and fresh office is very important for your employees and clients. 

Responsibilities that White Glove Cleaner New York can do for a customer 

We believe there’s no single standard in cleaning. Every household’s needs are unique, so we continually improve and learn to broaden the scope of our services in order to be everywhere you need us. 


Sometimes cleaning is not enough to make the home tidy because cluttered spaces are still perceived as “dirty” on a subconscious level. Moreover, many studies associate clutter with anxiety and an increased level of stress. In order to make your life more orderly and peaceful, we are ready to organize your items and restore the harmony of little things. This is especially important if we are talking about office cleaning services too. 

Extra services

To make your home not just clean but immaculate, while booking an appointment, feel free to add any of our extra services to boot such as laundry, dishes, window wash, or cleaning inside of a fridge, cabinets, and closets. 

What Type of Help Can a White Glove Cleaner New York Offer?

Home sweet home cleaning

Our home is a source of stability in our lives. A place of comfort and sweet memories. Wherever we go, whatever we do, we come back home to get renewed for new achievements. For this reason, we don’t want them cold, empty, or dirty. We want them warm and cozy, sometimes romantic, but always perfectly clean. At White Glove Cleaner, we don’t provide just cleaning. We create an atmosphere where you and your beloved ones can live your every day to the fullest. Our professionalism and personal touch to every home are what makes us the best cleaning service in New York.

Office cleaning

Working in a clean environment is crucial for your team’s productivity. Cluttered and dirty offices not only undermine focus and demotivate your staff, but also help spread harmful bacteria that can put your employees’ health and your whole business success at risk. Getting your office cleaned with your own efforts can defocus your team even more. We charge competitive prices for commercial cleaning service in New York to help you create a clean and healthy working space where your team can focus on things that really matter and get more work done.    

Are you new to New York? Check out these local favorites

Welcome to New York, one of the most cosmopolitan cities of the world and cultural capital of the United States! Whether you’ve come here as a tourist or you have more permanent plans for the city, get ready for a great adventure because New York is a place that magically fits the entire world within.

The vibrant metropolis, New York is the most populated city in the U.S. being home to over 8 million people. Here, you are going to witness the mind-blowing diversity of cultures co-existing in unity, and this open-mindedness is in New York’s blood.

The City is a consolidation of five independent cities that now form five boroughs of NYC – Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island, Queens, and Manhattan. The most multicultural among them, Queens is, actually, a place where more languages were spoken in 2017 than elsewhere in the world.

Manhattan, which is where White Glove Cleaner agency is located and provides its services, is a part of New York where you can see the city’s most stunning views and its two iconic buildings – the Empire State building and the Chrysler building.  

Being the center of art, commerce, technology, and fashion, New York has hundreds of jaw-dropping attractions that draw more than 40 millions of tourists here every year. We will tell you about a few of them to help you get started in your journey around this buoyant metropolis no one can resist falling in love with. We will hit the highlights, of course, just to whet your appetite. 

Local New York favorites

The Statue of Liberty

Located on Liberty Island, this colossal sculpture is a true symbol of New York and even more, all freedom-loving Americans.

Ellis Island

A busy immigration station, the island served as a doorway to the U.S. for over 12 million immigrants back in 1892-1954. It is also home to an eerie abandoned hospital.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

One of 10 world’s largest art museums, “the Met” showcases world-acclaimed classic and modern masterpieces and offers a wide range of cultural events and performances.

Times Square

Named after The New York Times newspaper, which has had its headquarters here since 1904, the square is the place where the New Yorkers traditionally meet the New Year with the ball drop since 1907.

Other great places to visit include Metropolitan Opera House, Coney Island, Saint Patrick Cathedral, and Bronx Zoo. 

Have you ever wondered how would your life change if you stopped wasting time on cleaning and hired a cleaning company instead? How would you spend your free time? Dining out? Playing with kids? Reading? Learning something new? Or maybe working more to get that desired promotion? Life is so amazing when everybody’s in the right place. Cleaners – cleaning, you – enjoying your life. 

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