Frequently Asked Questions

Many of our customers have specific questions about our professional maid services. Here are just a few of the frequently asked questions we hear at White Glove Cleaners.

Billing Questions

You can cancel or reschedule till 3pm of the day before your cleaning appointment. In different case we will charge you with a cancellation fee in amount of 50$

Yes, during booking you can choose one of the recurring service. Once a week 15%, biweekly 10%, once in 3 weeks 7%, monthly 5%. Discount will be applied starting with your second appointment.

Tip is always appreciated but nor required. You can always call us and we can add a tip amount after work is done.

We process all payments through secure portal online. We except all major debit/credit cards. We do not take a personal check.

Your card gets charged at 3pm of a day prior to a schedule cleaning day. If the amount is changed we can always adjust it during or after clean.

General Questions

Yes, our cleaning team is available at different hours.

We are welcoming all extra details about cleaning of your apartment. White Glove Cleaner is looking to satisfy customer needs in full, so please feel free to leave any instructing that you find necessary while booking.

It is all up to you. Just make sure to provide us with detailed instructions before cleaning team will get to your doorstep. You will have a space while booking to write all notes for us to perform the best service.

We are open 9am till 8pm Monday through Sunday. After hours are also available at a different price.

You can simply go to Book Now on over website and in few minutes you will have your appointment ready. Also, you can call (212) 470-4961 and we will be happy to assist you over the phone.

Every hour that is out of our regular schedule while cost a double. Those kind of clean is a special request so make sure to book us in advance.

Our customer service team (212) 470-4961 or thought

Service Questions

We love furry friends. But make sure to let us now about pets while booking since some of over workers might have bad health reactions to them.

No we don’t clean after pets.

White Glove provides hourly services which start at minimum 2 hour appointment at a cost of 55$ an hour.

Our pricing is based on apartment sizes and pick from our cleaning options. We do offer hourly services. You can check prices on our Pricing Board.

An office cleaning is booked by hours, since you know your place better you can let us know how many hours will be needed. If its hard for you to decide we will be more than happy to sent one of our professionals to evaluate the place.

Deep clean is recommended for people who did not performed a professional clean during a month or more. We will clean your apartment from top to bottom and will make sure your place is spotless.

We clean all kinds of kitchen appliances including: microwave, glass-ceramic cooktop, stovetop, painted enamel, brushed stainless steel appliances, oven, vent hood, fridge, freezer,

Supplies Questions

White Glove Cleaner does not bring a vacuum to a small regular clean. We do bring it for post constructional, move in/out cleaning appointments if it was requested in advance. Our cleaners bring a ‘Swiffer” mop if the “cleaning supplies” button was added during booking.

We do bring green cleaning supplies if you requested it while booking. You can always feel free to leave any specific products for us in your apartment.

This is optional. While booking you can add ‘cleaning supplies’ button which will make sure for our team to bring all necessary products. We also happy to use any products you leave for us at your home.