Summer Refresh: Why Thorough House Cleaning Is So Important During the Hot Period of the Year

Summer brings us so much fun, and we love it… But the way it turns our house into a messy, sandy and stinky area reminds us of how important summer refresh is to keep our own territory clean and healthy. Another reason to make summer cleaning especially thorough is that bacteria and germs grow much faster in hot and wet conditions kindly provided by summer. Sounds like a total buzz kill because all of us crave for rest and positive emotions, not for rubbing and scrubbing… But worries apart! We’ll share summer cleaning tips on how to keep your home fresh and sterile from all that nasty “microbiology” and – what is even more important – do it without losing the summer fun.

Why summer home refresh is vital for your family’s health

We all have heard about the importance of spring cleaning aimed to declutter our houses from grime accumulated during the cold season. However, we easily forget that a hot period represents even bigger danger. Bacteria thrive in warm and wet areas like the bathroom, which is used more often during summer. Sand, dirt, dust, and allergens are being tracked into our houses contaminating carpets, bed linen, and home textile.
Our kids are home from school during summer, and every mom knows how much it adds to the regular mess she has to deal with. And now that they are home, you become fully responsible for making your house a healthy area for them.
If exciting summer activities and children staying home don’t leave you enough time for rubbing and scrubbing, you can always leave your summer house refresh to the cleaning experts. It doesn’t prove you are a bad mother. Rather the opposite – you’ll spend more quality time with your little ones while house cleaning service professionals will spruce up and disinfect your house so that you can come back REFRESHED to a REFRESHED house. This would never happen if you handled the whole process yourself.
We still would like to share some easy tips on how you can optimize your home to make it easier to clean and, as a result, germ-free.

6 Ways a Cleaning Service Can Benefit Your Family

Summer refresh cleaning tips

  • Check your air conditioner. Since your AC becomes responsible for filtering clean air throughout the house, it’s of paramount importance to ensure the AC is clean itself. All your further cleaning efforts will be in vain if your AC produces contaminated air. Change the filters, clean the condensation lines, fins and coils or have a professional do it for you.
  • Bathroom: keep the fan on or the window open to eliminate humidity which is a perfect condition for mold and germs. Remember to wipe down wet surfaces to prevent mildew. Flush the toilet with the lid closed to prevent bacteria from “traveling” all around the bathroom.
  • Washing machine: to prevent a nasty smell (and “wildlife” that actually causes it) we recommend running it on higher temperatures, using special disinfectants and leaving the door open when finished.
  • Microwave oven: it’s a common situation when your kid is back from school and warming a piece of pizza. You will definetely find food remnants later. To clean it quickly put a cup of water in and heat it to get some steam. Then you can easily wipe out the remnants. To kill the smell of food you can use lemon juice, just few drops.
  • Garbage can: get it thoroughly disinfected and ensure you dispose of garbage before it starts stinking.
  • Optimize your space. Summer home refresh will be easier if you temporarily put away extensive décor or items that accumulate lots of dust (carpets, books, fluffy toys etc.). Minimalism is your best aid in summer cleaning.
  • Spend more time outside. This will keep you and your house cleaner and healthier.
  • Rely on house cleaning services. After all, summer is for exciting trips, chilling out near the pool, bbq parties, family games and many other cool activities. Leave summer house refresh to the professionals and rest. You deserved it!

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