It Is Never Just Cleaning! 8 Organizing Tips To Keep Your Home Tidy

Probably you know the frustrating feeling when you’ve just spent hours scrubbing and polishing your house, but it still looks untidy… Why? It’s because a clutter nullifies the effect. It is all the more so if you have a small house packed with lots of things. Your regular cleaning would be much efficient (and easier!) if you keep all those things organized. Follow our house organizing tips to declutter your home in several simple steps and make maintaining order much easier.

How to organize your home: smart cleaning and storage ideas

  1. Have a quick daily routine. You’ve got 7 days in a week, and you don’t have to stuff all chores into one day – to do them all and die! Make a list of cleaning chores to handle in a week (like cleaning a tub and a toilet, laundry, changing bed linen, mopping, cleaning windows etc.) and divide them into 7 (or 6) week days. The easy home organizing ideas also include dividing your home into zones to clean one zone a day. With such an approach, your house never gets cluttered altogether as if you cleaned it only once a week.
  2. Use hooks in “hot” areas. In every house, there can be places where people throw their small objects such as wallets, bags, keys, umbrellas and so on. Instead of piling them, consider using hooks and racks to keep things on their places.
  3. Store your clothes vertically. The easiest way to organize your clothes in a drawer (actually anywhere) is to store it vertically. This way, you always see what you have there and can easily take it without going through. But the most amazing is that you have to organize clothes only once and then just maintain the vertical order.

House organizing tips: developing new smart cleaning habits

  1. Have less. The easiest way to declutter your home is not to clutter it. The more things you have in your house, the harder it is to keep it organized and clean. Buy only things you really need.
  2. Always make your bed. Unmade bed makes your bedroom look messy even if it is relatively clean. Moreover, making your bed is a good morning habit to stay organized and collected throughout the day.
  3. Do dishes right away. Even if you don’t feel like doing them now, do them anyway, AUTOMATICALLY. Leaving dirty dishes in the sink not only turns your kitchen into an unpleasant place, but also makes you apathetic. There are also other “do’s right away”: wipe off the dining table, get your laundry out from the washing machine after it’s done, put away dry laundry etc.
  4. Clean stains as you go. Don’t put off wiping down any liquid spilled. It takes just a couple of minutes to clean it now, but it would take hours if you decided to clean up all old stains at once. It is actually the most valuable among all house organizing tips. Make a shift in your cleaning psychology: maintain what is clean, and you won’t have to clean what is dirty. Don’t let those nasty dirty things accumulate and become a source of clutter and stress. Don’t forget to use white cotton gloves for faster cleaning.
  5. Put things back in their places. Doing so you actually nip the clutter in the bud because the clutter is made of roaming things. Set a timer for, say, 15 minutes to go through the rooms, pick up “stray” items and return things to where they belong. Use a basket to collect items and transfer them to their “native” places.
  6. If you have pets, always check their paws and fur if they came from outside. Brush your pets in time to keep all the fur away from carpet and hard-to-get places. Vacuum your carpet more often. Learn more how to make cleaning a house with pets easy.

Want to learn how to organize your home like a pro? Feel free to contact our cleaning service and organizational company. We are happy to help you declutter your home and share some easy home organizing ideas.


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